It's October and the 2011-2012 academic year is well underway everywhere in the United States; classroom routines at this point are set, the Back To School Night (BTSN) functions have subsided and the "Honeymoon" phase of another school year will have concluded.  Every school will have (should have) put into place some changes, most likely subtle, some wholesale, to improve student learning. Whether these improvements include reading, writing and/or math strategies or even student behavior initiatives you can bet on the fact that something new has been put into effect in your child's school.  Teachers are always moving forward, improving and attempting to perfect their craft; it's a profession that never rests. Given this trait every year I am always astounded (earlier in my career "shocked") at the fact that the most academically challenged student/s and/or most difficult behavior cases rarely have a parent attend BTSN. Later in the year this same cluster will trend and be even more noticeable at Parent-Teacher Conferences as "no-shows."