American Super Bowl Priorities: Let the Numbers Talk
Gear Up: get your chips, dips, wing dings, jerseys and friends; it's the greatest sports event of the year. So great it's titled "Super Sunday."       

Every year people prepare to watch the National Football League's best two teams play each other to win the Lombardi Trophy and be crowned champion. It's an event that attracts everyone: men, women and children of all ages, religious affiliations, races and walks of life. There are very few events in the world that gain such an even cross section of peoples' attention. For example: according to Fox News 46% of all viewers of the Super Bowl are women; there's very few televised sporting events that get that type of  female following. This event is a media market frenzy. Ridiculous amounts of money are spent, not just on player salaries, ticket sales and accommodations but advertising reaches new heights at this time. Commercials on TV seem to fetch as much attention as the game itself.

To write that lots of money is spent on the Super Bowl is a gross understatement. Lets allow the mere numbers to  demonstrate this point: an average each American will spend $63.87 on the event; it's the #2 eating day of the year behind only Thanksgiving (i.e. 123 billion chicken wings will be eaten); and $11 BILLION will be spent on this game in total. This years estimates are that Super Bowl XLVII will break all viewing and spending records because of the brother vs. brother coaching match-up.

Priorities; You get what you pay for!
Just last week I was fortunate enough to come across an article written by a High School teacher in Novi, Michigan. Rod Franchi was the guest writer for the Detroit Free Press (click to view). His commentary is based on the fact that he feels completely betrayed by the actions of Michigan's new governor because he voted for him; well Rod I know the feeling. The article appeared in the 30 March 2011 FREEP. Mr. Franchi I applaud you on your candor; I too am astounded by the actions of Governor Snyder and I am equally dismayed at the fact that he campaigned on preparing the workforce in State of Michigan to meet the challenges of the future yet he will not prioritize education spending in his budget. If all of what is proposed in the Governor's Budget comes to fruition it certainly will mean a bleak future for Michigan Education... the lean mean Michigan education machine will also be intellectually challenged if we don't fund it properly. Rob Franchi thanks for your effort and tremendous commentary; these Two-Teacherz are in your corner.

Public Schools; The Gateway of Tomorrow?
MEMO: Michigan's Budget
TO: All Teachers, Students and Public School Districts
RE: Budget Crisis

The State of Michigan has a budget deficit. "WE" all need to pitch in and get it under control. Therefore, expect a few financial cuts and legal changes. Students you will need to help out as well. Don't raise your hand as much in class. From now on if you feel you must raise your hand to get help make it fast because there will be at least 35 others in class with you. If there's 35 or more of you in class and class periods are 40 or 50 minutes long that's... let me see... allow the nerd in me to compute this off the top of my head... I estimate that each student will have 1.142857 minutes per class for questioning their teacher; presuming of course there is no external delays or interruptions. Well, good; we are on board then... double knot those laces, roll up those sleeves, guys take off those ties and lets get to work team...