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AskteacherZ Jog Log Stardate 12401.25: Incredible jog today. Managed to run my personal best 1K as seen in the picture. In my previous blog entry i elaborated upon implementing interval training; it's success has been wonderful.

Thus far in the 2015 year I've felt much lighter on my feet and today I was able to jog at a (:53 miunite mile pace. This marks one of my better jogs ever since I started recording my own progress.

Lastly I'm happy to report that since I began the #500in2014 quest I've lost 32 pounds. This is not only attributed to my jogging but also to my limited intake of breads and carbs and most importantly to the continued support of my wonderful wife and two girls.

<![CDATA[Interval Training Implemented: Results Spectacular]]>Sun, 30 Nov 2014 16:30:30 GMThttp://askteacherz.com/500in2015/interval-training-implemented-results-spectacularPicture
AskteacherZ Jog Log Stardate 11411.30: It's the last day of November and yesterday's jog was exceptional. Managed 2.25 miles without stopping to start my jog with a pace of 11'46" then I decided to go to "interval-training."

  • November totals 41.5 miles with an average pace of 13'02" and a total of 16011 Nike Fuel.

In an effort to manage the milage necessary to complete my year end goal of 500 miles, and knowing I'm not capable (at this point in time) of jogging 5+ miles at a time, I've implemented this alternative. The benefits are great.

Muscle soreness has been an issue for me lately. I'm not sure if it's residual aches and pains from the virus I've battled or simply due to getting back into the workout routine of old. Regardless, I did some research and reading about "interval-training." What I found, and I'm now a testament to it, is that this type of training can elimininate sore muscles. 

Yesterday, I implemented "interval-training" for the last 3+ miles of my 5.46 mile workout. Here's what I did. The first 2.25 miles I jogged as I typically do every morning. Then I briskly walked one residential block followed by a comfortably fast-paced jog for the next. I continued this alternating structure for the remainder of the work out. Here's what my brief research and my living testimony tell me about implementing this type of workout.
  1. Muscle soreness remarkably reduced.
  2. Workout boredom nullified.
  3. Increased caloric burn.
  4. Managed to double workout mileage.
  5. Ability to take the beauty of surroundings.

This "interval-training" workout that spanned 5.46 miles took me 1:13:07 minutes to complete; it burned 884 calories and accumulated 2015 Nike Fuel points. Let me put this into a comparative perspective. In August I jogged 3.53 miles (no stopping) with a pace of 11'04" and burned 639 calories with an accumulation of 1468 Nike Fuel points. This is remarkable. Interval-training can produce near the same results with half the stress on the body and allows your body the ability recover itself.

Mayo Clinic. Healthy Living and Fitness Website.

<![CDATA[#500in2014 Fall'in-Out-of-Time]]>Fri, 28 Nov 2014 22:19:46 GMThttp://askteacherz.com/500in2015/500in2014-fallin-out-of-timePictureFirst Snow "Fall" of 2014
AskteacherZ Jog Log Stardate 11411.28: Always find the positive in every challenge. There's always going to be set backs and I've certainly experienced some. However, I'm far better off for having continued with my participation in the "#500in2014 Challenge" than I would have been without trying.

Recently I fell ill to a virus of sorts that even placed me in the Emergency Room hooked up to an IV in an effort to battle off dehydration type symptoms. It has taken the better part of almost 4 weeks to battle this illness. Needless to say, it certainly took a toll on milage that I could have otherwise produced. I now find myself at 376.8 miles for the year. If my math is correct that means I have 33 days to complete 123.2 miles. Therefore, my legs must carry me over 3.7 miles a day until the end of this year.

  • Currently my average pace is 12'05" and my average Nike Fuel is 1016.
  • Last Thursday was my best job since being ill. I managed 3.20 miles with a pace of 11'56" in 38:14 minutes and 1281 Nike fuel produced.
  • My current weight is 229 pounds. When I began this challenge I was 247 pounds. My goal is to be at 210 pounds or less and keep it off.

Can I complete the "Challenge?" I'm up for it...

<![CDATA[Summer of #500in2014 in Swing]]>Fri, 11 Jul 2014 14:55:41 GMThttp://askteacherz.com/500in2015/summer-of-500in2014-in-swingPicture
AskteacherZ Jog Log Stardate 11407.11: I've learned several things having accepted the #500in2014 Challenge this year. Most importantly is the fact that it's truly a "challenge." Many obstacles and set-backs occur like in education and life. Meeting these occurances head-on and continuing to move forward with a smile is the only way to over-come such developments.

Thus far I've partially torn my achilles and struggled due to family commitments stay regimented with my work-out time. As such the month of April was terrible, but the subsequent months of May and June were better. July must be like my January for me to complete this mission. With summer now in full swing here's my progress:

  • May 2014 completed 20.4 miles with a 12'55" pace and 7,754 Nike+
  • June 2014 completed 43.7 miles with a 12'08" pace and 17,068 Nike+

So far in July I've completed 9.13 miles with a 13'25" pace and 3,280 Nike+... my #500in2014 Challenge totals to date are 240 miles and that places me in 13th place at this time. I'm almost half way there but I'm a month behind?

What's going to be my major task for the remainder of this month (and moving forward) is to drastically alter my eating. I'm not losing the wieght that I'd hoped for and as such a more protein enriched, veggie ladden diet will put me into a weight range that'll impact my mileage output. I'd done this in January and February when the challenge began and it helped a great deal. Theoretically: Less weight to carry equates into more miles... at least so I hope and rationalize.

<![CDATA[Jogger Down]]>Wed, 26 Mar 2014 11:39:18 GMThttp://askteacherz.com/500in2015/jogger-downPicture
AskteacherZ Jog Log Stardate 11403.26: It's been some time since I logged in my progress and the workouts had been going well until... YESTERDAY; on a cool, crisp, moonlit morning I heard a "POP." It was like a small caliber gun was discharged and simultaneously I collapsed to one knee with an excruciating pain in my left leg, just above the ankle and just below the calf muscle -- a Grade 1 Achilles Tear? How could this be? Just a simple jog -- I'm only seven homes away from where I live; barely even hitting stride? Is this what old age is like? YES; it is!

Well, needless to write... I'm down for at least 8-10 days of jogging; most likely longer. I'll be supplementing my cardio workouts with the bicycle and lifting weights at the gym for several weeks.

Here's my workout progress to this point: 
  • Overall progress this year is 153.8 miles with an acerage of 11'23" average pace and 902 Nike Fuel point average.
  • Month of March progress is 35.6 miles with an acerage of 10'32" average pace and 12181 total Nike Fuel points total.

<![CDATA[Cold, Crisp ~ Keep Jogging]]>Mon, 17 Feb 2014 00:49:22 GMThttp://askteacherz.com/500in2015/cold-crisp-keep-joggingPicture
AskteacherZ Jog Log Stardate 11402.16: Fallen a bit behind in my blog entries... this is the first in February. The weather this month has been equally as brutal as January. I've made the best of it by going to East Side Fitness several times. However, yesterdays jog was wonderful; as seen in the picture... it was 6*F but sunny, crisp, with no wind and Lake St. Clair was a site to see. I haven't seen it this frozen-over since I was very young (just a few years ago :-). Managed to jog 3.67 miles with a 10'47" pace.

So far I've run 91.8 miles in the year 2014. February activity reseults are: 22.7 miles ~ 10'30" per mile pace ~ 7816 Nike+ Fuel. Currently in 9th place for the #500in2014 Challenge.

Wednesday should be my milestone day ~ going over 100 miles in 2014.

<![CDATA[CraZy DaZe]]>Tue, 28 Jan 2014 19:08:19 GMThttp://askteacherz.com/500in2015/crazy-dazePicture
AskteacherZ Jog Log Stardate 11401.28: This Michigan weather has me in a daZe. Early morning, bright orange, crazy face, don't hit me with your car, winter hat was not needed today. Polar Vortex forced me to workout indoors for the second time in January and closed school for the fourth time this year; it was -6*F at 7:30am (lower left) but the treadmill run was great. Yesterday we were hit with 6" of snow and I had to run on tire tracks (lower right); brutally bad workout. One BAD & one GOOD day; could be worse... these are some craZy daZe-4-sure.

January activity results to date are: 70.3 miles ~ 12'24" avg. pace ~ 22541 Nike+ fuel.

With only a few days in January left I'm excited to have my first weigh-in on February 1st.

Still need to do a better job with the eating - only one helping or plate at dinner is my goal.
<![CDATA[C'mon Man: Treadmill Weather Again]]>Mon, 27 Jan 2014 00:18:13 GMThttp://askteacherz.com/500in2015/cmon-man-treadmill-weather-againPicture
AskteacherZ Jog Log Stardate 11401.26: It's been brutal cold again here in Grosse Pointe, MI. I declined to run on Wedndesday 22 January 2014 because it was 0*F (as seen to the left) and the windchill made temperatures dangerous to be out in. I decided to purchase a 3 month membership at Eastside Tennis & Fitness Club, where my wife belongs, in an effort to use the treadmill when these conditions develop; it appears from the forecast that Tuesday and Wednesday coming up will be just such days.

Thursday I ran outside because temps. were "mild" -- reaching almost into the teens. Friday was too cold so I used the treadmill at the fitness center and I did some nautilus weight training. I took Saturday off; it was only the third day in January that I didn't workout. My goal is to workout everyday that remains in January.

January activity result to date are: 63.8 miles ~ 12'32" pace per mile ~ (todays pace was 10'33") ~ Nike+ Fuel states are 20,447.  

<![CDATA[Polar Vortex AGAIN?]]>Wed, 22 Jan 2014 01:42:11 GMThttp://askteacherz.com/500in2015/polar-vortex-againPictureChiquita Minions?
AskteacherZ Jog Log Stardate 11401.21: It's ridiculous cold again here in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Not the -9*F that made me use the dreadmil but today it was 9*F with a wind chill that was -10*F... burrrr.

The January activity totals are: 55.6 miles run ~ 12'44" per mile pace (side note: I've managed to be right around 11' minute miles the last week or so; improving) ~ 17781 Nike+ Fuel.

Tomorrow, Wednesday January 22, the forecast is very cold... -4*F at 6am... it'll be a total winter Under Armour day for sure... is this another Polar Vortex? C'mon Man!

<![CDATA[1st Day Off]]>Sat, 18 Jan 2014 18:22:05 GMThttp://askteacherz.com/500in2015/1st-day-offPicture
AskteacherZ Jog Log Stardate 11401.18: As I craft this entry I'm dressed and ready to hit the snow covered pavement. It's been a productive week of workouts even though it contained my 1st day off in the year 2014... 16 January 2014. My body needed it.

At this point in my journey my jog log is 16/17 days of workouts ~ 47.6 miles ~ Nike+ Fuel is 15061.

This brings me to my next little diatribe... "Nike+ Fuel." I had no idea what this was or what it meant. Being totally new to the Nike+ app I was curious. So like all people in doubt these days I consulted the master of all knowledge... the 2014 Yoda of sorts... SIRI. She found this answer for me -> Nike+ Fuel

Well I'm off to earn some more Nike+ Fuel.