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Super Bowl: American Priorities Gone Wild

Gear Up: get your chips, dips, wing dings and friends; it's the greatest sports event of the year. So great it's titled "Super Sunday." Every year people prepare to watch the National Football League's best two teams play each other to win the Lombardi Trophy and be crowned champion. It's an event that attracts everyone: men, women and children of all ages, religious affiliations, races and walks of life. There are very few events in the world that gain such an even cross section of peoples' attention. For example: 46% of all viewers of the Super Bowl are women (Luntz: Fox News). This event is a media market frenzy. Ridiculous amounts of money are spent not just on player salaries, ticket sales and accommodations but advertising reaches new heights at this time. Commercials on TV seem to fetch as much attention as the game itself. To write that lots of money is spent on the Super Bowl is a gross understatement. Lets allow the mere numbers demon

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